Trust Technology

It’s what we do.
It’s what we enable.

Our lives are digital and mobile – it’s that simple. We expect to be able to interact and transact whenever, wherever for whatever. But fundamental to our willingness to do so is trust. Trust between organisations and individuals that ensures relationships can endure and thrive.

Mobile Intelligence and Identity Data Services are the enablers of trust.

One API. Many solutions.


Be sure they are who they say they are before allowing them to on-board. Use mobile intelligence to confirm that user data, device and mobile number correspond


It’s a match. Secure second factor authentication confirms the connection between authorised user and device for friction-free log-ins and in-life transactions. No passwords or codes required


Invisible, silent, intelligent. Mobile data intelligence is a powerful ally in the fight against digital fraud, helping to keep the bad actors out, while allowing genuine users to transact securely.

Why Sekura?

Identity is our DNA

Identity is at the core of everything we do. Our client proposition, product portfolio and unique technology platform all spring from the recognition that identity is the differentiator that we all have in common.

Global Reach

We are the leading global provider of direct mobile operator data for use in identity solutions, with operator connections on six continents. And we’re growing exponentially.

Constant Innovation

Our mobile industry credibility and trusted collaboration with network operators, key partners and experienced developers inform, drive and support our ongoing innovation.

Our Partner Model

Sekura has an exclusively indirect partner model, providing global mobile data for established KYC, ID Verification and Risk Data providers.

A Word from our Partners

A Word from our Operators

Solution-led sector expertise

Banking/financial services

Confirm the user is who they say they are, enhance security, reduce fraud and authorise online payments


Verify customer identity in onboarding and in-life, provide fraud flags to prevent scams and account takeover


Provide confidence in user identity, detect and prevent fraud whilst enabling genuine users


Protect legitimate customer relationships with accurate onboarding, recognise loyalty while reducing the risk of bonus abuse


Eliminate friction, experience fewer abandoned transactions, reduce the risk of data breaches and fraud


Validate identity and verify passenger accounts to prevent fraud


Confirm identity for digital access to citizen services including voting rights, healthcare, education, smart cities