Securing a new
digital world

We now pay, transact and communicate in truly digitally enabled ways. Within this world of connectivity and interaction, mobile channels dominate. Globally, smartphone subscriptions are over six billion and growing, and over 800 mobile operators in 200+ countries now serve the majority of the global population on the planet. It’s the very definition of big data.

Today, as every industry becomes a mobile industry, there are many new challengers competing to exploit this space. And since fraudsters always follow the money, they too are looking for opportunities.

To maintain growth and confidence in the digital economy, industry leaders including merchants, service providers and regulators, must invest in security to protect their customers and their own interests. Mobile identity intelligence data is a uniquely fundamental enabler of this.

Sekura mobile intelligence and identity data services deliver the solutions needed to enable the digital economy to thrive while protecting consumers and organisations. World leading in mobile identity services, we will enable billions of users across six continents.

Working openly and collaboratively, we are supporting the key players in our industry to create a truly secure real-time data enabled ecosystem. Together, we can maximise both its success and rewards.

Simple solutions for a complex digital world

Sekura is led by respected leaders in mobile intelligence and identity data services. Extensive industry-leading mobile telecoms experience, knowledge and partnerships are at the core of our offering and the drivers of our rapidly expanding reach.

To partner with Sekura and introduce the benefits of our global mobile intelligence and identity data solutions to your customers, contact our team today.

Secure, friction-free
digital interaction

Sekura uses real-time mobile identity data signals direct from global mobile operators to deliver trusted, secure and easily integrated products for authentication, user identity verification, and account protection. Our solutions-led approach is focused on enabling the individual and the organisation to engage and transact safely, building revenues and loyalty, while helping to prevent digital fraud.

Innovation at our core

Our industry experience and long-standing relationships with global mobile operators allows us to constantly innovate, working to develop and introduce new products to the mobile identity/fraud prevention space.

With access to tens of thousands of end-users in multiple verticals through our established partner network, we generate direct insights into what services are in demand, practical and available. This insight drives the creativity and ingenuity of our team of mobile product specialists as they define and develop new mobile intelligence and identity data services.

An unsurpassed
global reach

The ongoing expansion of our mobile data supply enhances our position as the leading global provider of direct mobile operator data. Our industry connections gained from many years of experience within mobile ecosystem help us to accelerate agreements and enable supply.

With mobile operator data supply already enabled across six continents, we are extending our global reach at pace.

A valued industry partner network

Sekura works with established KYC, Identity Verification and Risk Data providers who have already partnered with and integrated into leading global brands with a demand for mobile intelligence and identity data solutions.

Adoption of the single, simple Sekura global mobile intelligence API (SAFr) enables the integration of real-time mobile data into organisations’ existing services, giving them new capabilities to enhance and expand their customer offerings, industry applications and geographies.