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Digital Identity for Government Event – Think Digital Partners

Matt Cooper

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Digital Identity for Government Event – Think Digital Partners – NOVEMBER 17, 2022

Digital Identity for Government Event – Think Digital Partners  – The world of digital identity is moving into a state of maturity after many years of experimentation. Driving forces such as citizen expectations, remote working, complicated identity verification processes, and increasing fraud levels, have shifted the ‘dial of identity’ to red hot. Governments the world over are crystallising their ideas and turning to thought leaders in the identity space to find elegant ways to identify their citizens.

Digital identity, and the data it holds, are the thread that holds digital services together. Think Digital Identity for Government 2022, brings together a glittering group of renowned ID and government experts alongside identity practitioners. Together, they will take you through the latest developments in the field of digital identity.

Gautam Hazari
Sekura Mobile Intelligence CTO, Gautam Hazari

Featuring our Chief Technology officer, Gautam Hazari and Nick Mothershaw, Chief Identity Strategist at Open Identity Exchange, the Mobile Identity session is of particular interest to anyone wanting to see how the smartphone – the device that most of us have already – can allow seamless, secure and trusted interactions with Government ID services.

Can mobile up the identity ante?

The mobile device has taken on almost god-like status in the everyday life of citizens. It seems that we can no longer move from room to room, let alone leave the house without our beloved phone. As such, the mobile device may offer a useful way for many (but not all) citizens to interact with government. This discussion will explore the ways in which mobile devices can act to present identity claims for government services.

The panel will be able to answer questions on advances in mobile identity, such as the use of Apple Wallet to hold driver’s licence details and self-sovereign apps. The discussion will also looks at what part mobile operators can play in providing verified data into the government services ecosystem.

Expanding upon this, the panel will look at the types of data that a mobile operator can provide during an online transaction to create more secure identity-based government services.

Gautam is in great company, see below for the other speakers participating in the hybrid in-person and online event:

think digital partners event nov 17 Gautam Hazari

Register to attend the event in person or online and benefit from some great networking with your government ID peers, brilliant insight from experts across the public and private sector plus wonderful food and surroundings of the Westminster venue. You can attend virtually and make use of Think Digital Partners’ online platform, ask questions of speakers, visit sponsor booths and chat with other virtual attendees.

The event is on Thursday, November 17th – Register

Think Digital Parters Digital Identity for Government Event

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