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Passwords – a world without them | TEDx Talk | Gautam Hazari

Gautam Hazari

Chief Technology Officer

Sekura Mobile Intelligence Ltd

Digital Me – Why We Need A World Without Passwords | Gautam Hazari | TEDxBanbury

Sit back and watch a fascinating TEDx talk with Sekura CTO, Gautam Hazari who shares his hopes for a safer digital world without the need for passwords. He draws on the principles of nature and reveals some thought-provoking statistics on passwords.

Gautam Hazari grew up in Ranchi, a small town in India, completing his education in Physics, specialising in Quantum Mechanics and Computer Applications. Gautam is a technology futurist and works as a CTO in a Startup in the Digital Identity space.

He works with mobile operators around the world on emerging technologies, digital Identity, 5G security, cyber security & privacy, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence and holds patents on Identity and access control. Gautam led the implementation of the technology for the mobile identity initiative – Mobile Connect, across 30 countries. He has also been an advisor to Startups in digital identity, healthcare, the Internet of Things and Fraud and Security management.

Gautam is a thought leader in the Privacy and Identity area, works with Industry players advocating solving the identity crisis in the digital space and speaks on making the digital world a safer place.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at



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