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A secure investment
for banking and
financial services

In today’s hyperconnected global banking and financial services market, the customer is still king – but the fraudsters are relentless. Financial institutions are under pressure to deliver engaging end-user experiences while avoiding the financial and reputational cost of fraud.

This means reducing exposure to scams such as Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud and providing more secure methods of authentication and verification.

Put mobile intelligence to work

Sekura’s mobile intelligence and identity data products enable genuine users to access financial services simply but securely, while alerting the organisation to potentially fraudulent activity before it’s too late. From verifying identity and trusted devices, to flagging indicators of suspicious activity ­– such as a recently swapped SIM card, diverted number or a busy line – all these solutions, and more are available via Sekura’s single API.

SAFr Auth

Confirms the number supplied by the user matches the number associated with the user on the mobile network

MPM (Mobile to Person Match)

Matches person’s name, address and date of birth with their mobile number

SIM Swap

Real-time notification of the date and time of the last SIM change in a user’s device enables bank to check for recent (<24 hours) SIM Swap activity.

Call Forward

Confirms the unconditional call forward / divert status of a mobile number (MSISDN) in real-time

Scam Detect

Real-time data signals to identify whether an individual is currently being scammed

Mobile Intelligence

Mobile intelligence signals can also be used to identify if a phone is lost, stolen, cancelled, active/inactive, and to confirm it is not a VOIP number.

Protecting customers, revenues and reputations

A smooth, silent and reliable ally in the battle against account takeover and other scams, these solutions offer customers friction-free, secure transactions. For financial service providers, they provide secure, seamless processes that help:

  • Reduce direct fraud losses
  • Lower revenue losses
  • Cut the cost of fraud prevention
  • Improve customer retention
  • Preserve reputation
  • Protect against regulatory and legal penalties

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