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Enable the digital

The power of mobile intelligence is a great match for FinTech’s disruptive, can-do attitude towards the automation of financial services. Without the restrictions of legacy technology, these challengers are free to embrace and deliver the secure, frictionless user-experiences that mobile intelligence enables. The added insight that comes from this intelligence can also help inform and enhance KYC data.

Next-gen security that’s accessible everywhere

Sekura’s single API can be plugged into a Fintech’s platform to enable access to secure, identity-based mobile intelligence through a range of products. These products can be used to streamline onboarding and in-life transactions by verifying users and trusted devices, and to flag potential identity fraud ­– such as a recently swapped SIM card, diverted number or a busy line. The success of Fintech demands a circle of trust ­between both providers and end-users alike. Sekura’s solutions-led approach helps cement this.

SAFr Auth

Confirms the number supplied by the user matches the number associated with the user on the mobile network

MPM (Mobile to Person Match)

Matches person’s name, address and date of birth with their mobile number

SIM Swap

Real-time notification of the date and time of the last SIM change in a user’s device enables bank to check for recent (<24 hours) SIM Swap activity.

Call Forward

Confirms the unconditional call forward / divert status of a mobile number (MSISDN) in real-time

Mobile Intelligence

Mobile intelligence signals can also be used to identify if a phone is lost, stolen, cancelled, active/inactive, and to confirm it is not a VOIP number.

Squaring the circle

Improve Fintech user onboarding and increase revenues by silently, seamlessly liberating security from the restrictions of archaic technology to:

  • Optimise the user experience
  • Lower the barriers to adoption and completion of transactions
  • Cut the cost of fraud prevention
  • Improve customer retention and transaction
  • Combat account takeover scams
  • Preserve reputation
  • Protect against regulatory and legal penalties

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