Our Mobile Intelligence Solutions: effective, secure and simple in a complex world

Use our mobile digital identity products, market-leading knowledge and experience in mobile data commercialisation to enhance your customer proposition and deliver simple, compliant identity solutions.

Our suite of standards-based, easy-to-deploy API-driven services allow you to apply mobile intelligence to your client customer journeys, using secure mobile network data signals to identify, verify, onboard and protect.

Global Solutions

Mobile-to-Person Verification

Confidently match your customer name, address and other details to their mobile number using trusted mobile operator data, in real time

  • Enabling secure mobile operator data as a trusted, accurate source to allow the identification and verification of customers in onboarding or in-life user flows, matching your customer to their mobile number to deliver immediate confidence in the data provided.
  • Confidently match your customer to their mobile device and receive the additional assurance that you are dealing with a legitimate identity.
  • Enable our extended match attributes to deliver additional confidence flags beyond base name and address data.

Fraud and Scam Prevention

Silently detect and prevent scams and online account takeover fraud before they happen, whilst enabling genuine customers 

  • The rapid recent adoption of mobile digital services has left our customers and yours more susceptible to scam and fraud activity. Using our low-latency, real-time mobile intelligence API, service providers can build seamless anti-fraud and account takeover protection checks into their flow with zero impact on user experience.
  • Reduce direct scam and fraud costs, plus the ongoing cost of fraud prevention, by verifying the end customer device, account and activity status during transactions.
  • Costs can be reduced by reducing the time necessary for clients to authenticate over the phone by over 30 seconds

Secure, Seamless Authentication

Deliver improved security and reduced friction in authentication by using mobile operator-enabled authentication as your 2FA

  • Provision of silent, secure second factor authentication based on established and trusted mobile network operator secure APIs to enable your trusted end-users to engage, consume and transact without unnecessary barriers.
  • Seamless 2nd factor authorisation using mobile network security to verify and confirm possession of the mobile device during the service authentication flow, without user interaction or any impact on the user journey.
  • A once-only, limited time passcode received via SMS on the user’s device, and entered into the online service as a part of the authentication flow

Mobile Data Consultancy

The Sekura team are available to our clients on a consultancy basis, either to support ongoing projects or as a series of bespoke mobile data insight training modules tailored to suit your strategic business objectives

  • Our professional services model enables our team of industry experts to offer a consultative approach to mobile data usage, value and feedback, allowing your team to build its own expertise in the optimisation of mobile date for your business
  • We will bring our industry experience directly into your team to enable you to build your own bespoke mobile data-enabled solutions
  • Our team will help you to better understand your customers and enable delivery of optimised mobile data-driven customer experiences
  • Using our industry experience, we can support you in testing new data (offline or online) to optimise products and build new processes
  • We can support you in the definition and delivery of dedicated training modules for your team, specifically targeted to your business, enabling you to build mobile data optimisation best practice into your existing business processes