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Getting new customers onboard or enabling in-flow transactions can be a bit of a balancing act. Steps must be taken to check the user is who they say they are, while avoiding the friction that might prompt them to leave before they’ve actually arrived.

Sekura’s API-based identity verification offers a simple, secure solution. Real-time verification of encrypted user data comes direct from the Mobile Network Operator (MNO), providing confirmation that the user is genuine, without any interaction needed. The user gets to sign-up or transact without hassle, and the organisation can be confident of their customer’s true identity.

Make the right connection

It’s a simple, compliant solution, enabled via multiple MNOs worldwide. It works by confirming user identity through a choice of data sources, including:

The name, address and date of birth of a
user signing up for a service.

That a mobile number and associated
device are trustworthy

The 'liveness' of a mobile number ­­–
in real time

Make more of your intelligence

Mobile identity verification offers more than friction-free onboarding and seamless in-life experience for the user. It can also improve the quality of customer data, ensuring outbound communications reach the intended recipient.

Quicker and more convenient than offline verification checks, mobile data verification offers scope to generate more income by preventing legitimate accounts being blocked or genuine transactions abandoned. And by reducing the risk of fake accounts and fraudulent activity, it’s a cost-effective way to prevent fraud and reduce reimbursements.

Seamless integration into customer flow

New account sign up

MPM (Mobile to
Person Match)

Matches person’s name, address and date of birth with their mobile number

SIM Swap

Real-time notification of the date and time of the last SIM change in a user’s device

SAFr Auth

Confirms the number supplied by the user matches the number associated with the user on the mobile network

Pick and mix products for a solutions-led approach

Select and combine products as appropriate to create a fully compliant, tailored solution.

MPM (Mobile to Person Match)

Matches person’s name, address and date of birth with their mobile number

Age Verification

Uses date of birth data to validate that a person is over 18


Real-time notification of the date and time of the last SIM change in a user’s device

Call Forward

Confirms how long a person has been a customer of their mobile operator

Industry-leading global MNO coverage

Unmatched in the industry, our extensive MNO coverage continues to grow as we
expand into new markets around the world, with new operators coming on board all the time.

Global Mobile Operator Coverage – August 2022

Service available

Connections planned 2022/2023

Build the future with us

Talk to the Sekura team to learn more about how our mobile data intelligence solutions can improve secure identity verification and user experience. We’re here to answer your questions and help you identify the right mix of products to achieve the optimum result.

Solution-led sector expertise

Banking/financial services

Confirm the user is who they say they are, enhance security, reduce fraud and authorise online payments


Verify customer identity in onboarding and in-life, provide fraud flags to prevent scams and account takeover


Provide confidence in user identity, detect and prevent fraud whilst enabling genuine users


Protect legitimate customer relationships with accurate onboarding, recognise loyalty while reducing the risk of bonus abuse


Eliminate friction, experience fewer abandoned transactions, reduce the risk of data breaches and fraud


Validate identity and verify passenger accounts to prevent fraud


Confirm identity for digital access to citizen services including voting rights, healthcare, education, smart cities