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Welcome to 2022, Mobile Data and the New Normal

Jim Small

Chief Operations Officer

Sekura Mobile Intelligence Ltd


Welcome to 2022, Mobile Data and the New Normal


Much has been written since Spring 2020 about the impact of Covid 19. TV documentaries, online news articles, blog posts and endless social discussion on the changes we have had to make to both our personal and working lives, are now the norm.

High streets have been emptied, noses are now pressed to screens 24-7 and online baskets are full; everything is different.


2020: the bolt from the blue

In March 2020, almost without warning, the world was turned upside down as suddenly we became prisoners in our own homes, isolated from friends, family and colleagues and unable to conduct our lives in the ways we had become used to and comfortable with. Challenging days as we got to grips with new concepts: panic-buying, mandatory masks, ventilators, furlough, and Zoom.

The year was spent in a state of confusion – the world unsure as to the severity and duration of the pandemic and how it would affect life moving forwards. Businesses struggled to adapt to rapid change and the online world was thrust into the frontline as a safe place to live and work.


2021: adapting and adjusting

As human’s we’re extremely adaptable, sometimes we have to be. During 2021 – with varying levels of success and support around the world – the global population made sense of the coronavirus chaos and mapped out new ways to get everyday things done. We coined a new term: the ‘new normal’.

With rapidly developed digital services, vaccines, Covid QR passes, travel protocols and much, much more we created new ways to communicate, interact and transact in barely a year. We are now truly living in a new normal, and it’s not going away.

And we have adapted as a society, within our communities. Zoom calls with family are now the way things are done, even if we’re also meeting physically again now. Masks on in the pub is something nobody finds unusual, banking and paying online is what everybody prefers, and getting food delivered is ever more popular.


2022: mobile data will power the new normal

So, we truly do have a new normal. It’s so normal we can’t really call it ‘new’ anymore – it’s just normal.

We now pay, transact, shop, communicate and interact in truly digitally enabled ways, and the ease with which this is possible on mobile devices, powered by practically unlimited mobile data coverage, 5G access speeds and sophisticated mobile services, means that we will never look back.

Core to this revolution is the mass-migration of banking and financial services, payments, money transfer and gaming services onto mobile channels and the creation of many new challenger companies ready to exploit this space.

The global mobile-payments market will have a compound annual growth rate of 33% to reach $4,574B by 2023.

(Source: Allied Market Research)


In the meantime, global mobile operators have been working to get mobile identity services prepared and optimised ready to support the explosion of new services and provide the tools to enable the new digital economy to thrive whilst securely protecting consumers and organisations.

In 2022 – the year in which our normal will no longer be ‘new’ – mobile operator data services will provide secure solutions for customer authentication, user identity verification and account protection, enabling us all to use these services safely whilst helping to prevent fraud.

The Sekura prediction: 2022 will be seen as the year that mobile identity intelligence data became a truly fundamental enabler for the ongoing growth of the global economy.