Sekura White Label Services

The Client

A global information and communications technology solutions provider offering mobile and fixed telephony managed service solutions to an Enterprise and Consumer audience. The client is part of a major global telecommunications group that has over 42 million subscribers.

Founded over 25 years ago, the client today has 23 overseas offices conducting business in 5 continents with a focus on delivery of a broad portfolio of digital services to clients and consumers internationally, with Europe and Asia Pacific being their major markets.

The client provide full-service telecoms, data centre services, information and communications technology solutions and broadband services for local, overseas, corporate and mass markets. They own and operate an extensive fibre-optic network, run major WiFi infrastructure services and boast a global expertise in telecoms technology and cybersecurity.



The Challenge

The key objective for the client is to utilise their global presence to deliver incremental revenues through the creation and expansion of new services in their key markets, and then worldwide.

A vital element of this planned expansion is the inception and delivery of a new digital services portfolio that they have defined and now wish to take to market. This portfolio includes a diverse products mix including Application to Person (A2P) messaging services, two-way messaging solutions and a range of additional ‘over the top’ (OTT) value-added services leveraging their existing business network.

They have an intention to create a central pillar for this new service portfolio around a suite of new digital identity services, based on existing and new telecom services. An initial element of this offering will be the expansion of their “Mobile Number Intelligence” capability, providing insights to their client base based on global mobile operator data.

Following detailed brainstorming sessions with the Sekura Mobile team, we reached agreement to support this expansion through enablement of an existing Sekura service solution allowing rapid deployment and delivery of their objectives.


The Solution

Sekura’s global services platform enables us to deliver bespoke mobile data solutions to our client base across the world. This is available to direct clients based on our suite of API-based mobile services (driven by the Sekura Global API Engine), delivering KYC Match, SIM Swap, Mobile Number Verify and other services, OR can be consumed as a white-labelled, ‘platform as a service’ solution.

The solution deployed created a ‘white label’ instance of the Sekura digital identity services platform, leveraging our existing data connections and allowing the client to offer a suite of products direct to their customers without the need to build or run new tech, sign data contracts or recruit new data partners – all activities that the Sekura team provides.

Our white label platform instance allows the client to brand all touchpoints with their own identity and offers 24/7 support, enabling the client to focus on their core business objectives. Our client is able to offer their customers a single client API, enabling participating mobile operators and end clients to connect simply and easily in order to deliver their own value-add services with the ability to utilise Sekura mobile identity services to verify customers or check and reduce fraud.


The Benefits

The client identified our PaaS Services Platform as the ideal component to enable rapid deployment of an enterprise-grade functional and tested service layer, allowing them to deliver an identity verification service quickly, using subscriber mobile number data to validate transactions. This project is now viewed internally as the vanguard for the client’s new digital services portfolio.

The addition of identity services to their portfolio was intended to promote and encourage widespread adoption and usage of their digital services in a new digital economy where converging trends in mobile, commerce and media have created new and lucrative opportunities for both our client and their mobile operator stakeholders.

In addition, the client has seen:

  • Increased uptake of services by existing customers, and adoption of services from a new audience
  • Significant reduction of fraud in new digital services
  • Substantial increase in transaction volumes through improved customer experience across a range of services. For example, returning customers can now experience smoother, frictionless logins
  • Federation of digital services across clients from other networks
  • Stable pricing across regions and greatly improved revenue potential

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